I would highly recommend Juliet. I’ve had migraines for 30 years which have been helped by having regular acupuncture. I originally contacted her after a particularly bad bout (almost daily). I noticed a reduction within a few sessions.  I find Juliet to be very professional, she was also very kind dealing with my fear of needles, I’ve had acupuncture before and feel Juliet is much more gentle than other practitioners when inserting the needles.

I’m happy for any one to contact me if they require a verbal reference.

M.K (Designer)


I just wanted to say a massive, massive thank you for everything that you have done for us during this IVF cycle. Your acupuncture certainly helped keep me calm and relaxed, and – more excitingly of all – we have had success in circumstances in which I thought that it was impossible to happen! Your kindness and compassion has also been amazing. Thank you for listening to me, and for tailoring the treatment to how I was feeling that day. And thank you for being so flexible and understanding. It is still early days, but you have certainly gotten us off to the best possible start!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!



I came to Juliet suffering with bad hormonal acne on my jaw and neck. I’d had it for 8-10 years and tried creams, pills and diets but nothing worked. I came to her due to her expertise in this area and I honestly wished I come years ago. I cannot get over the results – two months on my acne has completely gone and the anger and pain which I felt pre-period (all things that I thought were normal) have also disappeared too. Not only are the results astounding, Juliet’s approach throughout has been calm, reassuring, supportive and professional. Highly recommend her!

S.E (Digital Manager)


I was treated by Juliet throughout my ivf cycle which resulted in a positive pregnancy test. Juliet was kind caring and professional and l highly recommend her.

M.J (45YR, part time researcher)


Juliet is a wonderful, knowledgeable, down-to-earth acupuncturist who is my first port of call for any injury or discomfort. Over the course of a couple of years I have seen Juliet for menstrual problems, anxiety and physical injuries. In all instances, Juliet has been warm, knowledgeable, professional and good-humoured and the results speak for themselves; there is always a profound and noticeable improvement that amazes me every time. In fact, since first meeting Juliet, getting injured has become a pleasure! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

O.S (Actor)


“Thank you Juliet for the session, which left me with a feeling of calmness and well-being. Your straightforward, yet sensitive approach ensured that I felt safe in your hands.”

M.W (Teacher)


“I have been seeing Juliet for the past few weeks. There are no words to express how much the treatment has helped me. I came as a last resort, as I had been suffering with the most indescribable pain in my right shoulder down my left arm. Before seeking acupuncture treatments I spent the good part of three months on medication and most of the day with my left hand above my head for relief. After four treatments the results were there for all who had witnessed my discomfort to see.
I cannot recommend Juliet and the service she offers highly enough. Just try it for yourself!!

P.M (NHS practice manager)


“I would highly recommend Juliet. Her approach is sensitive and yet practical. She offered thoughtful nutritional advice alongside acupuncture. I came to her having been on anti biotics for over a year, since seeing her my symptoms have decreased and I have not had to take anti- biotics for my condition for over 6 months. She is also very flexible and client centred.”

K.C (Social worker)


“I was suffering acute back pain which left me barely able to breathe. After one emergency session with Juliet the pain was relieved. After a further two sessions it went completely and hasn’t recurred. Juliet also took the opportunity to address a 20 year old recurring shoulder pain, which, I’m delighted to say, is now dramatically reduced .”



“Juliet is a very welcoming and reassuring person. I had previously been to a practitioner who had healed my slipped disc, so I was wary about trying someone new but Juliet immediately put me at my ease.  She is extremely knowledgeable about acupuncture, and you feel an definite confidence in her. This is enhanced by her broader general knowledge of other alternative therapies.  Her treatment of me involved not only the specific back complaint I had, but also dealt with other issues such as hayfever, and stress arising from a very busy time in my life.  She is always happy to listen to problems as well as treat them!  I will definitely continue to go to Juliet for treatment, and have already recommended her to several of my friends!

A.W (Consultant)


“Thank you, Juliet, for your kind and professional manner. Acupuncture treatment with you was a wake up call! Targeted acupuncture sessions helped me with respiratory problems, back pain and stress. But your holistic approach also encouraged me to reconsider the broader choices I was making about my life and my health. I am eating more healthily, taking less medication and feeling good!”

A.S. (Curator)


Juliet, just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and advice on my leg. I’ve woken up this morning with no pain and I can now put my foot on my thigh and stretch with ease! Your a star! Thanks so much.

N.S. (Gym Instructor)


“I would highly recommend Juliet. Acupuncture changed my life!
Having chronic anxiety issues, for many years, I had few acupuncture sessions and could feel the positive effects immediately. I am feeling more relaxed and positive in everyday life.
I would recommend acupuncture for people with high stress and anxiety who tried everything to sort it out without sorting it out!Juliet is very professional. She takes the time to listen and understand where the pain might be coming from and treats it effectively.”

C.B (Events & Marketing)


I would definitely recommend anyone to try Juliet’s facial acupuncture. The treatment itself was painless and quite relaxing, and after a few sessions I did feel that my skin looked rejuvenated and refreshed.

D.A (Personal trainer)


I am delighted to have stopped smoking with the help of Juliet and the National Stop Smoking Centres helpdesk. The first treatment resulted in my having no withdrawal symptoms at all and this continued to the end. I didn’t desire to smoke at all. Juliet was very easy to talk to and I felt she was an understanding and competent person. I felt very lucky to have her as my acupuncturist, and will definitely recommend her to my friends.

S.L. (carer)


“I saw Juliet for 10 sessions of acupuncture after being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. Despite doctors’ prognoses that my Bell’s Palsy may take months to heal, it was completely gone after 8 sessions, to the extent that my last sessions were spent receiving facial rejuvenation treatment on my whole face so that the healthy side looked as good as the formerly paralysed side! My sessions with Juliet also enabled me to relax fully and helped to address the underlying stresses that had caused my condition.”

I’m happy for any one to contact me if they require a verbal reference.

S.P (Accountant)


“Following an operation for a fractured tibia plateau I suffered from acute nerve pain in my leg and foot. The pain was so intense it prevented me from sleeping. Finally someone recommended that I try acupuncture so I booked an appointment with Juliet. I didn’t expect miracles, and Juliet didn’t promise them, but after just one session the pain relief was immense. I went from sleepless nights writhing in agony to a pain-free existence. I am a total convert and would highly recommend Juliet.”

J.W (Art director)


I saw Juliet for cupping treatment due to having blocked and painful sinuses for several days. The cupping immediately eased the pain and the next day my sinuses begun to unblock. I was delighted not to have to take antibiotics and to be able to find a natural and alternative cure.

J.W. (Charity worker)


Thank you so much for all your help through my pregnancy, really made a difference.

N.T. (Sales worker)


Thanks a lot Juliet, the pain decreased since the last session today.

H.T. (Banker)


I always feel calm, restored and energised after a treatment with her. I initially went to help with my sinuses but Juliet has a holistic approach and after talking in our initial consultation she helped me regulate my cycle which resulted in my beautiful daughter. She is now helping me through my next pregnancy! I throughly recommend Juliet and will continue to be a regular client even though I have moved to the other side of London.

A.M. (Teacher)


I just wanted to drop you a message to let you know that my wife is pregnant!
Hence why I haven’t been back recently but looks like all the acupuncture paid off.
We are at 16 weeks now and all looking good so far.

Thanks for your help and hope all is well with you.

D.B. (Private sector)


I cannot thank Juliet enough – I had extremely painful sciatica and within just 4 acupuncture treatments – all the pain has gone!! It truly is brilliant and not at all painful, in fact it is very soothing and relaxing. A great experience and Juliet’s knowledge and expertise is wonderful. If you have an issue with pain,please contact Juliet.The Evil Bone Water is also amazing and well worth trying. It definitely sorts my bunion pain!! It’s magic.

F.M. (Cat sitter)